Adoption Policies

#1We require all homes with children 8 and younger to have a fence or have experience with dogs in the home already. Please Note: This is a decision based on years of experience and we do not wish to offend anyone. Boxers are typically hyper, strong minded dogs that require a lot of exercise. From a practical stand point we believe it is difficult for a parent to walk a dog (in the absence of a fence yard) while having very young children who cannot be left alone while they are doing so, and even harder to bring the kids along. Many boxers that are surrendered to rescue are surrendered by homes that have very young children, no fence and because of the lack of ability to exercise, the dog has become too much to handle or destructive. We are not saying that we don’t adopt to homes with children under 8 but they must have a fence.

#2We require that all applicants provide a veterinary reference for all current and/or past pets (within the last 5 years) so we may verify that all pets have been spayed or neutered and have been up to date on all vaccinations and were never denied any necessary veterinary care.

#3We do not adopt to homes with unneutered / unspayed animals unless there is an age or medical reason as to why it has not been done.

#4We require that all new homes are committed to attending training with their new family member OR having a trainer come to the home. There are few exceptions to this rule, we may not require this for some of our older dogs, we will let you know at the time of adoption.

#5We require that you agree to leash your dog at all times when in an unconfined area.

#6We require that you keep us updated at specific intervals for a period of one year as to the dog’s health and progress (we provide a schedule).

#7If you are unable to keep your adoptive dog, you will be required by contract to return the dog to us.

#8We have a $400.00 adoption fee per dog, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Please understand that this money is needed to support the rescue for veterinary and boarding costs for all dogs, many of which we spend over $400.

#9You MUST be 21 years of age to adopt a dog.

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