How to Help

Thank you for inquiring about ways to help NJBR

We are a group of people who own boxers and help process applications for people who want to adopt or surrender their boxers to us.

There are many things our volunteers do. Most of our volunteer do work full time and have families of their own. Our volunteers visit prospective homes in their area and meet dogs that are being surrendered in their area from either individuals or from shelters we work with. Sometimes these dogs need to be taken to the vet for services, or need to get to a foster home and part of the transportation is needed. We all work together to try to get everything done. All of this is done based on your availability, which for most people is weekends.

We do not have a kennel the dogs are kept at so just stopping by to walk dogs or play with them is not needed, however, sometimes we do not have an open foster home and will place a dog in a kennel temporarily and then a volunteer close by will go to check on the dog.

If you aren’t available to donate your time or welcome a foster boxer into your home, New Jersey Boxer Rescue always welcomes donations.  Without help from people like you we would not be able to get these wonderful dogs veterinary care or take in the number of dogs we do each year.