Marley & Bullet

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Bullet: 7 years old (Special Needs Blind), Marley: 5 years old

Good with dogs:


Good with cats:


Good with kids:

yes, 15+



Update: Marley and Bullet have been at their foster home for just over a month now, and have successfully completed their heartworm treatment!  They are enjoying each other’s company and have discovered how much fun it is to play with toys!  They act like typical Boxers, although Bullet (7 yrs old) is Blind.  He leans on Marley (5 yrs old) for guidance and support and they are definitely a bonded pair.  They play, eat, and sleep together.  

They are both housebroken and they are fed in their crates, and spend some time in their crates with bully sticks or Kongs, although they definitely prefer to be with their humans.  They enjoy a comfortable couch, fluffy blankets and pillows! At this time, it would be recommended to crate them (separately) if leaving the house for a longer period of time.

Bullet (male, blind) can see lights and shadows, and is very good at following your voice.  Bullet had a consultation with an eye doctor, and unfortunately, he is not a candidate for surgery to regain his vision.

Marley is protective of Bullet and she is a vocal gal!  They are both jealous if one is getting attention and not the other. Their foster mom says they enjoy romping around, going outside, and then relaxing on the couch, and they LOVE treats, they are definitely food motivated.  They are not a fan of going out in the rain!


Marley and Bullet into rescue just over 2 weeks ago, and they are settling in nicely at their foster home. They are a bonded pair and look for each other if they are separated, even if only for a moment.  They play together, and sleep together.  

They are quickly learning the comforts of home, including sleeping on the couch, fluffy blankets, playing with toys, and being fed indoors twice a day! While they are not fully housebroken yet, by keeping them on a routine of taking them outside, they have only had minimal accidents in the home.

Bullet is blind, but once he learns the perimeter of the room and the path to go outside, he has been doing very well.  NJBR has an appt with an eye doctor to see if anything can be done for his vision loss.   It seems as if he can see lights and shadows, and is very good at following your voice.  Bullet requires higher grass and bushes to go outside to do his business, he needs to smell/sense the “spot” in order to have success outdoors.

Marley is vocal when she wants something, and while it sounds like a growl, she is just begging for your undivided attention!  She is able to jump up extremely high and can likely jump a fence.  She has jumped from the floor to up over a couch in one leap!  She can be on top of your head in seconds.

We are working on crate training, as they can get into some trouble if left alone for too long.  I wouldn’t leave them together in one crate, because they can roughhouse a bit too hard at times.

I would recommend a home with NO small children, as they are VERY strong and tend to jump up to be near humans and always want to be next to you, and they will “paw” at you for some attention.   I would also not recommend a home with other pets, as they are very jealous when anyone else gets attention, including each other.

If you are interested in Bullet and Marley, connect Barbara to learn more about me.

***NOTE:  Both dogs still have to undergo heartworm treatment but if you are interested in adopting, the rescue will cover the cost at our vet’s office. 

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