Below are pictures, information and associated costs, for some of the special need boxers that NJBR has taken into our program since its inception. New Jersey Boxer Rescue is a not-for profit, publicly supported organization. Without the help from private donors we would not be able to continue to take care of the sick or elderly boxers that come our way. To date NJBR has not had to turn down a dog due to illness or age. We are able to do this because of our very hardworking volunteers and our donors. We would not be able to provide these services if we depended on our adoption fees alone. Please read some of these stories and consider making a donation. Thank you for all your help!

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Max August 2012  $2676

Max was picked up as a stray by animal control and brought to a local shelter. The shelter found Max had a registered chip and contacted his owner who declined to claim him up. He said Max was a wonderful dog but his kids were grown and he’d recently divorced and was moving on. So after nearly 12 years as a loyal pet Max found himself without a home. The shelter contacted NJBR and we placed him in one of our fabulous foster homes. We had Max brought up to date on all of his vaccines, heartworm tested, and addressed an ulceration in his eye. Upon exam he was found to have cardiac issues that prevented him from being a surgical candidate so Max was never able to be neutered. Fortunate for Max his foster parents quickly fell in love with him. They worked with NJBR vets to be assured Max’s final year was happy and comfortable. During his final year he enjoyed a lot of love and attention from his foster family and canine sister.


Angel & Delilah August 2012  $1218

Delilah and Angel’s owner contacted NJBR when she was no longer able to provide a home for them. NJBR brought them to one of our vets. They were examined and brought up to date on all their vaccines as well as heartworm tested. One of the girls was spayed and had a tumor removed from her hind leg. Happy endings came quickly for the 6 year old sisters. They are healthy and well enjoying life together in their new adoptive home complete with a loving mom and dad and canine siblings.


Bandit August 2012  $3887

Bandit’s family contacted NJBR for help when they were not able to provide necessary medical care for him. Bandit had suffered a previous tear in his knee and was in constant pain and unable to walk. Bandit was placed in foster care and was sent to an orthopedic specialist for surgical repair. Bandit’s surgery went very well. His foster family made sure he received the care needed to successfully recover from his procedure. Bandit was adopted shortly after his final exam. He is 100% recovered and living a happy pain free life in his new loving forever home.


Doom August 2012  $1667

Doom was surrendered to NJBR when his family moved and were unable to take him. Doom required several vaccines and needed to be seen for an injury to his eye. Doom was at a kennel where he spent several weeks prior to a family fostering him. The family fostering him fell in love with him and he was adopted.


Bentley August 2012  $381

Bentley came into rescue after his family lost their home. Bentley suffered some anxiety due to the unfortunate changes in his life. We addressed his anxiety issues, had him neutered, heartworm tested, and vaccinated. Things are looking up for Bentley. NJBR placed him in a loving forever home complete with a canine companion. He is much calmer, and is happily settling into his new home.


Maximus July 2012  $1382

Maximus came into rescue after spending a lot of solitary time in a small laundry room. He needed full vaccines, heartworm test, mass removal from his hind leg, head and an orthopedic consult to address issues with a wobbly gate. Thankfully things are working out well for this big guy. His medical issues behind him he is happy and living the good life with his forever family. He is a playful silly guy enjoying all the love and attention every dog deserves.


Bianca June 2012  $2002

Bianca was picked up as a stray and brought to a south Jersey shelter. She had a large mammary tumor that needed to be removed and biopsied. The shelter could not provide the necessary medical care that Bianca required. The employees fell in love with this sweet boxer girl and reached out to NJBR for help. NJBR took Bianca into foster care. Her vetting included vaccines, heartworm test, tumor removal, and biopsies. Bianca was also treated for separation anxiety and intestinal issues. We are happy to report she is fully recovered and is happy and well in her new adopted home. Bianca is a lucky boxer girl who not only got a wonderful new family who loves her but a fun canine companion as well.


Apollo May 2012  $828

When Apollo was surrendered to NJBR he was living alone in the family’s foreclosed home. NJBR placed him in foster care and got him immediate medical attention for his ears and a huge growth hanging from his hind leg. His ears were infected and full of yeast growth from years. His diet was changed and the ears were cleaned under anesthesia. We are hopeful that they can be maintained without the need for surgical procedures. The growth was removed along with several other smaller ones and sent out for biopsy. Unfortunately, the larger growth was found to be a malignant nerve sheath tumor. It was removed with wide margins and he will be monitored closely for regrowth. Apollo’s foster family fell in love with him. They have adopted him and are committed to giving him all the love and care he ever needs.


Devon May 2012  $2520

Devon was one of two boxers surrendered to NJBR when his owner became ill and went into hospice care. Devon spent most of his time in a crate for over 2 years. He also had not be vetted and required surgery to remove multiple growths, neuter, HW test, and vaccines. NJBR volunteers devoted their time to work with Devon, slowly he began to trust and very obviously enjoyed the human companionship. We’re thrilled to say Devon has found his perfect home. His new Mom and Dad adore him. He gets lots of love and attention and is a happy, healthy, goofy boxer boy.


Casper May 2012  $1220

NJBR received a call about a young boxer in a local township shelter. When our volunteer arrived to evaluate him she found him obviously sick, shivering in a dark dirty run. She just could not leave him there so she took him to one of the veterinary facilities we work with. Casper was dehydrated and had a high fever of unknown origin. He was admitted to the hospital where he was treated with IV hydration and antibiotics for several days before going into foster care. After he put on a few much needed pounds NJBR had him neutered and vaccinated. His foster family fell in love with him and knew they couldn’t let him go. Casper was adopted and is having a fun time with his new canine sisters and mom and dad.


Freddie May 2012  $942

Freddie was picked up as a stray and held at an AHS shelter before they contacted NJBR for help with him. Freddie had kennel cough, several growths that needed to be removed and biopsied, and a fluid build- up around his neck. One of our wonderful NJBR volunteers picked up Freddie and brought him home to foster. NJBR got Freddie the vetting he required including neuter, HW test, blood work, and vaccines. With the love and care provided by his foster mom Freddie made a full recovery and was adopted by a lovely family. Freddie now has his very own home with a canine companion and lots of human love and attention.


Jayda May 2012  $1261

Jayda came into the rescue suffering from issues that were similar to those associated with Cushing’s syndrome. Tests were negative for Cushing’s. Jayda was later diagnosed and successfully treated for an advanced kidney infection. We are pleased to report Jayda is fully recovered and is enjoying her life with her new family in her forever home.


Bella February 2012  $1317

Bella was a lucky boxer girl to have wandered into the yard of an animal rescue worker in North Carolina. She was very thin and very pregnant. Within days of her arrival she gave birth to 5 live puppies. Sadly 2 puppies didn’t make it. When the 3 healthy puppies were weaned they were placed in loving forever homes, and Bella was transported up to NJ to be placed by NJBR. Once under our care we had her vetted and discovered she was heartworm positive. Bella has successfully completed heartworm treatment and put on a few much needed pounds while under the tender loving care of one of our awesome foster homes. Bella’s foster parents have fallen in love with her and decided to adopt. She has one more follow up appt and will be spayed and vaccinated before her adoption. We are very happy that this sweet boxer girl has found her very own family to love.


Honey February 2012  $2393

Honey was surrendered to NJBR when her disabled owner learned she had mast cell cancer and was unable to provide necessary care for her. Honey required multiple surgeries and skin graphs. She had several complications and required an extensive hospital stay. We were all so happy when she was finally well enough to go into foster care. Her foster parents and canine buddy fell in love with her and have adopted her into their family. Thanks to all their loving care she is healthy and living the good life.


Neptune February 2012  $910

After 10+ years together, when his owner died poor Neptune found himself literally out in the cold. A kind neighbor took him to the local shelter. NJBR worked with the shelter to pull him and get the veterinary treatment that they could not provide. We were able to shower him with love and provide the vet care he required, but unfortunately that was not enough to save him. He was with loving care takers as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.


Gotti January 2012  $608

After losing their home to flood waters Gotti’s family was no longer able to care for him. They contacted NJBR to get him the medical attention he required and the loving home he deserved. Once place in foster care Gotti had surgery to remove 3 suspicious growths. We are happy to report his biopsies came back with clear margins. Gotti’s foster family fell in love with him and decided to make him an official member of their pack. Gotti is a happy, healthy, and in a loving forever home with a canine buddy and feline friend.


Moose January 2012  $518

A local shelter reached out to NJBR about Moose because he found himself homeless when his owner lost their home. They very reluctantly turned Moose into the shelter so he could find another loving home. NJBR took him into rescue. Moose was underweight and required vetting for bladder infection and incontinence issues. After being properly diagnosed he was given medication that completely controls his incontinence. Moose has gained weight, and is a happy and healthy boxer boy enjoying the good life in his fabulous new forever home completely with canine siblings and a family full of love.


Jimmy Chew January 2012  $2400

Jimmy Chew was one of 5 puppies who came into rescue with their mother. A southern rescue contacted NJBR for help with the 6 boxers. Volunteers from several states were organized to transport the six to New Jersey. Each puppy required worming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and Jimmy Chew required treatment for mange. Happily all 5 puppies and their mom are healthy and have been adopted into loving forever homes.

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Coco & Nikki December 2011  $3494

This is Coco and Nikki.  They are 2 of 5 boxers surrendered from a backyard breeder.  All five were under weight and in need of full vetting.  After a full exam all 5 were spayed/neutered, received all their vaccinations, and had blood work to check for heartworm, Lyme disease, and parasites.  Coco and Platinum both had multiple growths including mammary tumors.  Coco’s surgery is complete and she has been adopted into a lovely forever home.  Nikki will require an additional surgery and is currently receiving lots of TLC by one of our wonderful fosters while waiting for her forever home.  I am happy to report that Junior has been adopted and Monty is being fostered to adopt.  Platinum the youngest is currently pending adoption from her foster family.   These 5 boxers will all have happy endings because of our caring and generous supporters.


General November 2011  $836

General’s family called NJBR for help when the family was forced to move and could not longer care for him.  We took General for a heartworm test and to have a tumor removed.  General tested negative for heartworm and stayed with one of our wonderful fosters while recovering from the surgical removal of what we would later discover was a mast cell tumor.  General is doing well and was adopted by a loving couple.


Boomer & Mitzi October 2011  $1180

Boomer and Mitzi came into the rescue when their owner was no longer able to care for them due to military obligations.   Once in the rescue they were taken for general vetting and it was discovered both dogs were heartworm and lyme positive.  Good news is they were both successfully treated and happily were adopted together.  They are now recovering comfortably in their new forever home.


Penny October 2011  $630

Penny was picked up as a stray by local animal control officers.  When she wasn’t claimed NJBR was called to take Penny.  One of our wonderful volunteers brought her to our vet where she was vaccinated and examined before going into foster.  Penny had a tumor that was removed at the time of her spay.  Her foster mom gave her lots of tlc before she was placed in her very own forever home.  Penny is a happy and healthy boxer.


Baily October 2011  $1005

Baily’s owner surrendered her when she could no longer afford to care for her.  At the time she came into the rescue she had not been vetted in over 5 years.  She was in need of a heartworm test, all her vaccines, and had an indolent corneal ulcer which was surely causing her pain.  We had Baily examined and vaccinated before bringing her to an animal eye specialist.  After several months of treatment her ulcer is gone.  She was adopted by a lovely family and is enjoying her new forever home.


Rocky S. September 2011  $1574

Rocky S. was surrendered when his family divorced and could no longer care for his special needs.  Rocky was suffering from severe anxiety and what we would later discover was intestinal cancer.  Rocky was placed in foster care while undergoing medical evaluation and treatment.  He was given all the love, attention, and comforts he so deserved.  When he peacefully passed over the Rainbow Bridge he was surrounded by people that loved and cared for him.


Lexi September 2011  $847

Lexi spend years of her life alone chained to a backyard tree.  When rescued she was immediately taken for vetting.  Unfortunately, Lexi tested positive for heartworm and required treatment.  Lexi’s fabulous foster mom showered her with love and TLC during the difficult treatment process.  Lexi’s future looks bright.  Her heartworm treatment was successful and she is in a loving home with her new forever family.  Lexi has not yet been spayed, will require some future lump removal, and dental care.    NJBR will provide for these medical procedures.  We are all thrilled at how well she is doing and that her story has a happy ending.


Rocky August 2011  $608

Rocky was surrender to NJBR when his family was no longer able to care for him.  Rocky had a tumor on the top of his head and needed to be vaccinated.   Rocky’s was vaccinated and his tumor was removed.  Luckily it was completely benign.  One of our many caring fosters took Rocky in giving him lots of TLC while he recuperated waiting to find his forever family.  Shortly after he was medically cleared his new family found him.  He was adopted and is happy and well.


Lil’ Girl August 2011  $847

Lil’ Girl came into the rescue under weight and suffering from undiagnosed thyroid condition and hormonal incontinence.  She also had severe ear infections, skin rash, and had not been vaccinated.    NJBR placed her in foster care while she was properly evaluated and treated.  Now on proper medication her condition is under control and she is a happy healthy symptom free boxer girl.   Lil’ Girl was adopted and is enjoying life with her wonderful forever family.


Bella August 2011  $757

Bella came into the rescue underweight and seriously ill. She was admitted to the hospital and was soon diagnosed with HGE.  HGE is an acute condition with sudden onset of severe bloody vomiting and bloody diarrhea.  She was very weak and rapidly deteriorating.  This is a life-threatening situation with high mortality rate.  Luckily she was successfully treated and went on to a full recovery.  She was later spayed and vaccinated and was adopted by her foster mom and is enjoying a wonderful life with her new sister Dallas.


Lilly July 2011  $375

Lilly was surrendered to NJBR when her owner was unable to afford her care.  She was overweight  and long overdue for routine vetting.   We had her vaccinated and spayed.   She was adopted by a wonderful family, has lost over 15 pounds, and is enjoying life in her new home.


Buster July 2011  $816

Buster was surrendered by his family because they did not have time for him anymore.  He had a lump on his ear that we had removed.  The lump was cancerous, but the vet was able to get clear margins and Buster is doing great in his new home with his family.


Tucker June 2011  $1376

Tucker had not been vetted and was taken to one of our doctors were he presented with a grade 3 heart murmur and sub aortic stenosis.  We sent him to a canine cardiac specialist who determined his cardiac issues were due to a hole between his 2 main pumping chambers.  Good news is the doctor feels this congenital abnormality should not significantly impact him in his lifetime.   Tucker was adopted by a lovely family and is happily settled into his new forever home.


Tyson June 2011  $462

Tyson was surrendered to NJBR after his owner became ill and could no longer care for him.  Tyson had not been vetted and was suffering from extreme separation anxiety.  Once of our caring fosters took Tyson in and worked with him until we found a home that fit all of Tyson’s needs.  He was vaccinated and placed on temporary medication while working through his anxiety issued using behavior modification.  We are happy to report Tyson has been adopted and is doing well in his new forever home.


Ziggy June 2011  $1995

Ziggy was surrendered when his owner was unable to provide medical treatment for his severe allergies.  Poor Ziggy was miserable scratching until his ears bled and his skin was raw.  We brought Ziggy to be seen by one of our specialty doctors.  His treatments have included a special prescription diet, and courses of steroids and antibiotics.  Ziggy is making slow progress and feeling better.  He will continue to be seen by the dermatologist until his skin issues are fully resolved.  Ziggy was neutered, vaccinated, and tested for heartworm.  Ziggy is a lucky guy.  His foster mom fell in love with and adopted him.  Ziggy will require ongoing treatments.


Sasha May 2011  $375

Sasha was surrendered to NJBR when her owner was told that she might have medical issues that they could not afford to treat.  Sasha was adopted by a family that will continue to monitor her to make sure she is ok.


Miley May 2011  $329

Miley was surrendered to NJBR by a breeder after 5 of her 8 puppies died in her last liter.  We brought  Miley to one of our vets where she was treated for a bacterial infection , vaccinated, and tested for heartworm and lyme disease prior to her spay surgery.  Miley was heartworm and lyme negative, and had no complications with her surgery.   She was adopted by a nice couple and their 5 year old male boxer.   She is happily thriving in her new forever home.


Charlie April 2011  $1200

Charlie was surrendered to NJBR when his family could no longer care for him due to a health crisis.  They loved him and contacted NJBR to be sure he would be placed in a loving caring home.  Charlie was neutered, vaccinated, had Lyme and heartworm test, as well as the removal of a grade 2 mast cell tumor.  Good news is the tumor was successfully removed and Charlie was happily adopted by a family who absolutely adore him.


Duke April 2011  $1775

Duke was surrendered to NJBR when his family could no longer afford to care for him.  Duke was suffering from severe skin infections.   His paws had open sores and he had several suspicious lumps.  Blood work showed Duke was Lyme positive and was put on treatment right away.  NJBR had his lumps removed, and several rounds of antibiotic and steroid therapy for his skin issues.  We are happy to report that he is cleared from Lyme, and his skin issues are improving.  He is a lucky boxer and all his lumps were biopsied and found to be cancer free.  Duke has been adopted and is happy and loving his new family life.


Jessie April 2011  $1138

Jessie was believed to have been one of 2 dogs dumped off on the side of a deserted country road in south jersey.  The second dog was found dead on the side of the road.  A kind man spent 2 days trying to coax her in out of the snow.  Finally exhausted and sick she lay near his barn and he was able to get her out of the elements.  Realizing she was very ill he called NJBR for help.  We arranged for her to be admitted to a nearby animal hospital.   She was emaciated, dehydrated, Lyme, and heartworm positive.  She was given IV fluids, antibiotics and high calorie meals.  One of our wonderful fosters took her in and gave her all the TLC she required while regaining her strength and building her immune system before beginning heartworm treatment.  After several weeks she returned to the hospital for heartworm treatment.  Once again she was released to her foster home for rest and care.  After testing negative for heartworm she returned one last time to be spayed and vaccinated.  The bond between Jessie and her foster mom had grown over the many weeks spent together.  Her foster mom couldn’t let her go and decided she had to adopt her.  Jessie suffered a rough time but her future looks bright.  She will forever be loved and cared for.


Ming April 2011  $623

Ming was surrendered with her pal Apollo.  Both had been living in an unfinished basement.  Ming was suffering from a sever skin rash as well as seasonal alopecia.  She required all her vaccines, heartworm test, and was spayed.  She also had several infected teeth that needed to be pulled as well as some bulbous gum growths that were removed.  Ming was extremely lucky and is healthy and happy in her new adoptive home with a loving family and canine companion to share her days with.


Yoda April 2011  $1033

Yoda came into the rescue when a new family member developed severe allergies to him.  Yoda had not been vetted in several years.  NJBR sent him to be neutered, vaccinated, Lyme and heartworm tested.  He had a suspicious lump removed from his leg and required gum surgery to remove several bulbous growths.  Yoda recovered in the capable hands of one our fabulous foster homes.  They fell in love with Yoda and adopted him into their family.


Tonka April 2011  $861

Tonka was surrendered to NJBR because the family felt that they could not give him the attention he needed.  He came to us with sever separation anxiety and health issues.  We moved him into one of our foster homes that worked with him.  Tonka was lucky to find a wonderful home that is continuing to work with him on his separation anxiety and he is improving daily.  He is healthy and happy with his new family.


Leah March 2011  $4204

Leah had a rough start in life. Her body told the tale of the many years she suffered neglect and mistreatment. But Leah remained a sweet affectionate boxer. Rescue volunteers in several states coordinated efforts to bring Leah to us for care. Leah came into NJBR a battered boxer girl, ears apparently cut with household scissors, and suffering from what we would discover was undiagnosed diabetes insipidus. This is a permanent condition which requires lifelong daily medication and monitoring. Sweet Leah had many medical issues which were all addressed over the past year while in foster care with NJBR. She had several growths removed, many tests, vaccinations, medications, x-rays and ultrasounds. The dosing on her medication to treat her diabetes insipidus has been perfected and she is a happy active boxer girl. Leah has just been adopted by a wonderful couple and she will finally have a home of her every own, she is already being pampered and cared for the way she always should have been. NJBR will continue to provide Leah with the daily medication she requires to live a normal symptom free life. Her medication costs are approx 225.00 per month. Please consider making a donation to sponsor her continued care.


Finn March 2011  $2623

Finn spent the first 11+ years of his life living in a garage. When he was removed and brought to a local shelter he was in poor shape, severely arthritic, not vaccinated or neutered, malnourished, and teeth rotting out of his head. NJBR took Finn and placed him in one of our awesome foster homes. His fosters have showered him with love and attention. He has received all the medical treatment he so desperately needed. We are happy to report that at 13 years old Finn looks wonderful. He is a happy funny guy. Active, playful and curious. Enjoying the comforts of a warm home, soft bed, toys, canine companionship, and lots of love from his foster parents. To meet Finn and see how he easily hops up into the pickup truck to go for a ride you would never know this handsome guy was 13. Because of your support to NJBR, we are able to help Finn and other dogs like him that need out help.


Zeus March 2011  $657

Zeus now Pablo was surrendered as a puppy because the family cat kept attacking him.  Unfortunately, prior to surrender the cat scratched his eye.  Pablo required several visits to the ophthalmologist for treatment of a corneal ulcer. Sadly he suffered some permanent damage to one eye.  Lucky for Pablo he is young and does not realize he has a visual impairment.  He is a happy playful boxer who is showered with love and attention by his new forever family.   Pablo was also vaccinated and neutered.


Morocco March 2011  $502

Morocco’s family moved and could not take him with them.  They contacted NJBR to take him and find him a new home.  Morocco went into foster care and had to have surgery to remove 2 lumps, be neutered, and brought up to date on all his vaccinations.  His foster family fell in love with him and adopted him.  They say that he is the sweetest dog and they just love him!


Tucker March 2011  $211

Tucker was picked up as a stray by township animal control.  When they found the owner, they stated that they did not want him back.  The shelter contacted NJBR and asked for our help, we took him into foster and had him neutered.  Tucker was adopted by one of our volunteers and now has a forever home of his own with his new sister.


Mickey February 2011  $265

Mickey was surrendered when his family could no longer care for him.   He was neutered and vaccinated before moving to his new forever home.  His new family says that he’s a funny, friendly, loving boxer!  He LOVES his toys, playing fetch & tag, chasing squirrels, going to the dog park, & going for walks.


Magnus February 2011  $370

Magnus family turned to NJBR for help when their 18 month old daughter developed severe allergies.   He was surrendered to NJBR and placed in one of our wonderful foster homes until the perfect forever home was found for him.  He was neutered and vaccinated before adoption.


Sweetheart February 2011  $254

Sweetheart, a senior boxer was discovered abandoned, tied to a crate in the woods. She was brought to a local shelter, one of our volunteers found out about her and went to visit her and fell in love with her.   NJBR took her in and placed her with one of our many dedicated fosters who gave her love and comfort during her last days.  Sadly she was very ill and passed over the Rainbow Bridge shortly after coming into rescue.  We are glad to have been able to provide her with a safe loving environment even is only for a short time.


Bella February 2011  $232

Bella was surrendered to NJBR when her family could no longer care for her.  When she was surrender to NJBR she needed to be spayed and get all of her vaccines.  Bella was adopted by a loving family and enjoying life in her new home.


General January 2011  $381

General came into rescue because the couple were getting divorced and neither were able to take and care for him anymore.  When he came into rescue, he was in need of vetting and a few good meals.  One of our many fabulous fosters gave him the TLC and special nutrition he needed to gain weight before going to live with his new family.


Carly January 2011  $252

Carly was surrendered by her family because they moved into an apartment and they were not able to keep here.   She was spayed and vaccinated and is now living with a great family that fell in love with her the minute they met her.

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Murphy December 2010  $1337

Murphy was surrendered to NJBR in October after his owners lost their house and were no longer able to provide a home for him. Murphy required all his vaccines and surgery to remove 2 lumps from his back, and growths on his front leg and chest. We are happy to report that Murphy is healthy and was adopted by a wonderful caring family who adore him and can provide him with a loving forever home.


Lulu November 2010  $648

Lulu came to us just in October, she was found in Staten Island at a State Park tight to a fence in the middle of the night. The Police Officer that found her contacted NJBR and we took her into the rescue. Because we did not have any records on her we needed to get all her vaccines done (Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper, Heartworm tested), she was spayed and had a lump removed from her forehead and a skin tag under her eye. The good news is the lump was not cancerous. Lulu was adopted and is healthy and happy in her new forever home.


Becky November 2010  $2730

Becky has been adopted!! Becky has been adopted by her foster family; they felt that her place was with them.  As you may recall Becky came into NJ Boxer rescue after living in a dark enclosed crate 24-7.  When she first came into the rescue we had her vetted, she needed to be get her vaccines, spayed, dental extractions due to broken and rotted teeth, and removal of a mass which was on her neck which was revealed to be stage 1-2 mast cell on biopsy.  Becky was just to the vet recently for additional lumps and again she had a stage 2 mast cell that was removed.  We are so happy that Becky is in a home that loves her and will take care of her!


Bubba November 2010  $1051

Bubba was surrendered to an animal emergency facility that refused the owner’s request to put him down after he was diagnosed with epilepsy.  They took possession of Bubba and contacted NJBR to rehome him.  Bubba came into foster with NJBR and was evaluated by a neurologist to confirm his diagnosis.  We are happy to report Bubba has remained seizure free and was adopted by a couple that adores him.  He is a sweet boxer who was given a second chance to at a good life.


Jersey November 2010  $537

Jersey was given to us by her owner because he was moving and could not take her with him.  She is a wonderful little girl that is doing great in her new home with her two new sisters!  While with NJBR she was spayed, heartworm tested, had a lump removed from her ear, and was fully vaccinated.


Max November 2010  $787

Max is a sweet 4 year old boxer who was surrendered to NJBR because his owner could no longer care for him. Max was placed with one of our wonderful fosters who oversaw his care. Max required all his vaccinations and the removal of an ear mass and two tumors on his neck and back. Shortly after Max was vetted his forever family came along to claim him. Max is a happy boy in a stable home with a loving forever family of his own.


Lindy October 2010  $488

Lindy is a sweet 5 year old boxer who was surrendered to NJBR with severe mange and a tumor in her mouth. Lindy was vetted and placed in one of NJBR’s wonderful foster homes. Her foster family diligently provided Lindy with the daily care she required. After several months of medications and special shampoos Lindy is completely mange free. Her coat and skin are healthy and her mouth tumor was removed. Lindy was adopted and is happy and healthy living the good life in her very own forever home.


Pongo October 2010  $4394

Pongo had surgery and is back with his foster family resting comfortably. Pongo’s surgery entailed more than originally anticipated. The scope of his knee showed multiple tears and old injuries believed to have been causing him daily pain for most of his life. Pongo’s osteotomy went well and his foster family are committed to providing him with lots of tlc during his 8 week recovery. After his rehabilitation Pongo will need additional xrays taken to track his progress. Pongo is a sweet boxer who will make a wonderful addition to the lucky family that adopts him. Your donations make it possible for dogs like Pongo to get a second chance.


Timber October 2010  $762

Timber was surrendered to NJBR because his owner was moving and unable to take him. Timber needed to be vaccinated and required surgery to remove a testicle that did not properly descend. His testosterone level was very high making it possible for him to breed. Timbers pre-op exam revealed he had a grade 2 heart murmur. Good news for Timber the cardiologist cleared him for surgery and although his condition needs to be monitored he is expected to live a happy and healthy life. Timber has been adopted and is recovering nicely in the comfort of his new forever home.


Cricket October 2010  $625

This is Cricket. In her two short years she has been moved around from place to place because of circumstances beyond her control. Cricket was surrender to NJBR by a caring family who had temporarily taken her in until they could find someone to provide the medical diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation she required. Cricket has Progressive Retinal Atrophy which is an inherited eye condition that has caused her to go blind. The recent loss of her remaining sight has left Cricket fearful and anxious. She has been vetted and will need to be followed by an animal ophthalmologist. Cricket is being placed with one of our wonderful fosters who is committed to helping her overcome her disability and learn new ways to live a wonderful life. If you would like to help Cricket or any of our other wonderful dogs in need, please make a donation. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.


Max September 2010  $1180

Max had a rough start. During the first half of his life he was used for breeding. His ears were cut with scissors and his body burned by cigarettes. After being shuffled around from place to place some nice people from Georgia arranged for Max to be transported up to another rescue in NJ. One of our volunteers saw him at an adoption day and worked with the other rescue moving him to NJBR. When Max arrived he was skin and bones, a mere 40 pounds. He looked the sad and just wanted to be loved. He had allergies and resistant whip and hook worms. NJBR had him vetted and his wonderful foster mom nursed him back to health giving him a special diet and most important plenty of TLC. Max gained 24 pounds and looks great. He is a happy easy going boxer with his head up high and a shine in his eyes. MacDaddy, as he was affectionately named by his foster dad, is healthy and well and will be a wonderful addition to the lucky family who give Max the forever home he truly deserves.


Buddy & Tucker September 2010  $2765

Buddy and Tucker were surrendered to NJBR when the only home they had ever known could no longer care for them. These boys were 7 and 8 years old and had lived together all their lives. NJBR worked long and hard to keep these two boys together. There were some minor setbacks along the way but the pair were adopted together and are living the good life with their new family in their happy forever home.


Clyde September 2010  $1458

Clyde spent his life as a stud in a puppy mill prior to his rescue and ultimate journey to NJBR. He had never lived in a home atmosphere before coming into foster care with NJBR. A wonderful family has recently adopted Clyde. He now lives in a fabulous home where he is loved and cared for and treated with the gentle kindness he so deserves. Although the scars of years in a crate are still visible on his body, with the help of his new family Clyde continues to make progress and enjoys each day of his new life.


Peaches March 2010  $675

Peaches is a one year old former stray from a city shelter. She actually arrived with a number, no name. She was named Peaches by a volunteer who thought she was so sweet! Well, she is sweet, however she wags her long boxer tail so much that she arrived to NJBR with an open wound on her tail, and some granulated tissue to her spay site which needs monitoring. Unfortunately Peaches required her tail to be amputated, which is major surgery for a dog.


Diva March 2010  $725

NJ Boxer Rescue got a call from a city shelter that they had a critically sick puppy with “HOD”, and they did not have the resources to provide this level of medical treatment. “HOD” stands for canine Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy. This is a relatively rare developmental bone disease which affects puppies, causing a disturbance in blood supply to the growth plates in the bones. This weakens the bones and causes microscopic fractures, pain, lameness, and systemic illness. When Diva came in she was very thin, had a fever requiring IV fluids, antibiotics, and she of course required pain management. Her case luckily was not as severe as some other dogs we have seen with this disease process, and she made a good recovery.


Maximus March 2010  $874

Maximus came into NJ Boxer Rescue from a home who neglected him. He was living in a basement and used for breeding until they were done with him. He was so thin we took him immediately to one of our Vets for assessment. The Vet ran tests to be sure nothing was wrong, and determined his emaciated state was from neglect. Maximus required full vetting, IV fluids, a neuter, dental care due to untreated rotten teeth, and spent a few weeks at the Vets office in order to get more healthy prior to being placed into a foster home. The Vet and the foster home report he is the most loving, sweet boxer! He appreciates everyone and has finally gained weight and learned to play with his foster brother. He was lucky to have a second chance, is enjoying life to its fullest, and is a sweet boxer.


Moses March 2010  $750

Moses came into NJ Boxer Rescue with his sister Tiffany. Both were taken to our Vet for assessment, brought up to date on shots, and given routine care. The Vet immediately noted Moses had a large laceration, and injury to his right ear most likely caused by another dog in the house biting him. Unfortunately, his previous owner never got him treatment for his injured ear. The ear was grossly infected by the time he came into rescue and required delicate surgical repair, and cleansing to the infected area. He also required high doses of antibiotics, and some pain management for several weeks to combat the infection and promote healing. Moses has since been adopted to a wonderful home.

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Sassy December 2009  $1550

Sassy is a seven year old female who was surrendered to NJBR from a homeless person unable to care for her. She was taken to NJBR Vets for updating of shots, treated for severe dental hyperplasia with surgery so she was able to eat, bilateral ear infections, and also for treatment of pneumonia. Unfortunately Sassy also was diagnosed with severe dilated cardiac myopathy, which means her heart requires 3 daily medications in order to not be in heart failure. While her prognosis is guarded and she did require surgical removal of fluid from her lungs emergently, she has been adopted and is the most loving sweet boxer her new family reports. Sassy not only enjoys every minute of life, she has provided such love to her new family they said they can not imagine life without her.


Cisco December 2009  $800

NJBR was contacted about Cisco, a boxer estimated to be about 4-5 yrs old living on a farm who was holding him outside with multiple animals. They were not able to care for him and were providing shelter for him until we came. He came into NJBR requiring all care, neuter, shots, and treatment of infections with multiple antibiotics from probable cigarette burns on his skin per Vets assessment. He was lovingly cared for by NJBR volunteers and made a full recovery and is adopted. He is a very sweet dog who appreciates everything in life.


Kopper December 2009  $1500

Kopper is a one year old puppy surrendered to NJBR for symptoms of chronic diarrhea. His family was very poor and unable to care for him. Kopper required immediate hospitalization and internal medicine consults to determine the exact cause of his diarrhea, which was very severe. He was stabilized in the hospital, required X rays, and detailed blood and stool studies. Kopper was diagnosed with a very severe form of colitis called Histolytic Ulcerative Colitis. This type of colitis is particularly difficult to treat. He was managed on multiple medications and a prescription diet. It took over five months to get Kopper’s colitis under control. In addition he required all general Vetting and dental surgery for rotten teeth. He is now only on one medication and his prescription diet.


Susie December 2009  $1000

Susie is an estimated 8 yr old boxer who was found as a stray. She was living temporarily with eleven other dogs and some cats when NJBR rescued her. She was taken to our Vets and brought up to date on shots, spayed, and given antibiotics for an infection. Unfortunately Susie was also heart worm positive, probably from spending her entire life outdoors. She received heart worm treatment for months and she recovered very nicely. Her foster home reported that Susie was one of the sweetest dogs that they ever met! She has been adopted and is in a loving home, enjoying life inside.


Rocky December 2009  $2500

Rocky is an 8 yr old beautiful boxer who presented to NJBR with a huge and infected tumor on his left front leg. Unfortunately the tumor was cancerous. NJBR worked with the University of Penna orthopedic specialists and one of our rescue Vets coordinating the care of this dog. It was determined that through biopsy that the type of cancer was a soft tissue sarcoma and amputation of the left front leg would be curative for Rocky. Together Rocky was transported by volunteers to University of Penna and his leg was amputated. He was transported back to our Vets for post operative care. Just two days post operatively he was walking. One week later, Rocky was running and he is comfortable with no pain and he is expected to live a full life.


Drake August 2009  $950

Drake is a beautiful boxer who was originally from a southern shelter. He is about 2 yrs old. His owner asked that the shelter put him down due to the fact that he kept breaking off his chain and running away! The shelter contacted NJBR for help and a transport was arranged to New Jersey. Drake was taken immediately to the Vets for vaccines, neuter, and testing. It was determined that from living outside his entire life he had unfortunately gotten heart worm disease. Treatment was started immediately and will require a series of treatments that are both costly and painful for Drake. The good news is that Drake has found his forever home and they report that he is the most wonderful dog who appreciates every moment of life. He has responded well to the heart worm treatments so far.


Georgia July 2009  $1400

Georgia is an estimated one year old boxer mix who a volunteer found alone and frightened while in the state of Georgia, hence where her name came from. She was a stray who was in need of emergency Vet care while in Georgia for a wound to her neck requiring drains, she had multiple cuts, needed assessment, and vaccines. She was transported to New Jersey and did very well in foster care. Georgia is the sweetest dog, however due to her lack of care in the past she has had several ongoing medical needs. Although she is estimated to be less than a year old, she arrived to NJBR already pregnant and tragically she lost the pregnancy requiring medical care. She also arrived with a tail infection which required multiple antibiotics, however it would not heal so her tail needs surgery along with her spay surgery.


Maximus June 2009  $1500

Maximus is an adorable 3 1/2 year old boxer! He came into rescue because his family could no longer care for him. Maximus was taken to a Vet to be brought up to date on his vaccines, and received treatment for a significant kidney infection. Unfortunately, Maximus also had ingested part of a towel, and some yarn. Max didn’t demonstrate any symptoms initially, but within a few weeks as the “objects” moved, Maximus got very sick, began vomiting, and had a complete bowel obstruction. His care required a series of X rays with barium, to determine the location of the blockage, IVs for dehydration, pain management, and major surgery to remove the blockage. Luckily Maximus has made a full recovery!


George June 2009  $750

George is an 18 month old beautiful boxer who was found tied to a tree when animal control called NJBR to see if we could help. He was very friendly, but in bad shape with both demodex and sarcoptic mange. He was taken to the local hospital for treatment because it was a holiday, and then transported to another hospital for ongoing care. He responded VERY well to cutting edge treatment for both types of mange. He was then neutered, and brought up to date on all his shots, and continued on medications and follow up for several months. He found a wonderful home who loves him dearly.


Jake June 2009  $600

Jake is a beautiful 2 year old brindle boxer who was living in a garage when he was taken into NJBR. He was noted to be about half the weight he was supposed to be and rushed to the Vets office for assessment. He required a number of medical tests, internal medicine consult, and X rays to determine the cause of his problems. After all that it seems that Jake had a mild case of colitis, and had been neglected. Jake was treated with IVs briefly, and medications. He has already gained about 22 pounds in his foster home and he is doing very well. He is such a sweet & gentle boxer, and he will make someone a wonderful dog.


Athena April 2009  $950

Athena is a 3 year old beautiful female boxer originally from Tennessee. She was rescued by a kill shelter that had no room and they contacted NJBR for urgent help to take her and also her friend Artemus. Both dogs were then transported up to NJ. By the time they got here they were tired and frightened when they met the NJBR volunteers. Athena was also heart worm positive and required treatment for her heart worm disease, which requires inpatient hospitalization, multiple medications, continued monitoring with a Vet, and rest. She (and Artemus) spent their entire lives living outside and were used for breeding. They were a little afraid when they first got into a house, exploring things like the stairs and mirrors! The Vets expect her to make a full recovery in about 3 months.


Bob March 2009  $1200

Bob is an 8 year old Boxer who was surrendered to NJBR by an owner who was no longer able to care for him. Bob was perfect except his mouth was in very bad shape and he needed a small mass taken off a toe. His mouth caused him pain, difficulty eating, and smelled terribly. His dental work was quite extensive including extractions of six rotten teeth, several pocketed areas of infection, severe hyperplasia of the gums, and an oral mass. The biopsy luckily was negative. Bob required three days in the hospital and medications for infection and pain in order to recover. He found a wonderful new home and is doing very well. Unfortunately his dental bill was a difficult one for NJBR.


Havoc March 2009  $900

Havoc is an 8 year old male boxer who was surrendered to NJBR because his family could no longer care for him after they lost their home. He is a wonderful and sweet boxer, who is good with all people, children, and other dogs. His foster mom says his name does not suit him any longer, as he is a perfect gentleman. Unfortunately Havoc arrived into the rescue with extensive gum hyperplasia, dental masses, an open area of his gums, and some rotten teeth. He will be having oral surgery to make him comfortable again, and able to eat with ease. He is a beautiful boxer who is otherwise in perfect health.


Jade February 2009  $1500

Jade was surrendered to NJBR because her owner was unable to provide her medical care. She is only one year old and arrived into rescue weighing about 30 pounds (close to half her weight). Volunteers immediately took her to the Vet hospital for emergency care. She was admitted to the intensive care area for IVs, IV medications, and testing to determine the cause of her severely emaciated state and chronic diarrhea. After about a week in the hospital, Jade was diagnosed with a type of small bowel colitis which creates a cycle of bacterial overgrowth and chronic severe diarrhea. If left untreated the dog becomes very thin, and eventually dies. The condition requires special dog food, and several medications.

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Sasha September 2008  $1000

Sasha is a 10 year old boxer surrendered to NJBR from a n overflowing southern shelter. She arrived into rescue scared after a long transport, having recently had puppies at age 10, and went to the vet for the first time in her life. Se was brought up to date on her vaccines, however she is heartworm positive. Sasha is undergoing treatment for her heart worms which requires several stays in the hospital. The vets feel that she will make full recovery and is otherwise in good health. She is a very sweet dog, has a beautiful personality, and deserves a chance. NJBR will provide her with the opportunity for a good life from now on.


Nikita September 2008  $750

Nikita is a 9 year old boxer brought into NJBR from the shelter in June of 2008. Hr history revealed very sparse medical attention and a life time of severe allergies. Her patches of missing fur and hyper pigmented kin were striking when she first came into rescue. She had testing done for mange and infection and was negative. Blood studies were done to ensure that she didn’t have a medical condition causing her fur loss. She was placed on a special diet, extra vitamins, and several different medications. She did have some flare ups while in rescue requiring trips to the vet for assessment, additional medications an intervention. Her fur finally grew back and she was comfortable, however the hyper pigmented areas on her skin were permanent. Despite her allergies this dog won the heart of everyone she met! She s like a ray of sunshine, is very friendly, and grateful for every day! She was in foster care for over three months when adopted to a loving home.


Winnie & Tigger September 2008  $1000

Winnie and Tigger were surrendered by an owner at the ages of 7 and 10 years. They required full Vet care, immunizations, treatments for worms, spay, and neuter. In addition, Winnie needed surgery to remove a huge tumor on her neck and dental surgery for severely diseased teeth and gums from many years of breeding, and special attention from her difficulty adjusting to so many changes so late in her life. They have been to the Vets on several additional occasions for follow up, and general care of geriatric dogs. They are both wonderful dogs and everyone in the rescue is devoted to helping them in any way possible & finding them a forever home.


Amy September 2008  $2000

Amy is a 6 month old puppy born with congential glacoma to her right eye. She had never received any treatment so by the time the shelter called NJ boxer rescue, the puppy had lost complete vision in that eye and had very high pressure causing the eye to bulge. She was seen by the Vet and also a Vet specializing in canine ophthalmology and he determined her left eye to have normal vision, and the right eye to need removal. The right eye was removed by the specialist and she was treated for infection, and post operative pain. She became ill after the surgery with vomiting and required emergency care with IVs and medication to be stabilized, and is now reported to be doing well and playing like a normal puppy.


Mater September 2008  $1900

Mater is a young male boxer who was recently surrendered to NJBR with severe pain to his hind legs and spine and an uncertain reason for his recent severe pain. He was taken to the Vet immediately by NJBR for evaluation, and X-rays to determine the cause of pain. The Vet placed him on strong medication, and advised he have an evaluation at a large teaching facility, due to the severity of his pain, and his difficulty walking. The next day due to worsening, he was taken emergently to University of Pennsylvania Vet hospital where he could be evaluated for his severe pain and walking problems. While at Penn, they used IVs to get his pain under better control and placed him under anesthesia to obtain more detailed films of his spine and legs. Mater was diagnosed with a form of severe lumbosacral joint arthritis, with a bone compressing a nerve root causing severe sciatic pain. He was placed on strong medications and strict rest in order to allow some healing to take place.


Pretty Girl August 2008  $1100

Pretty Girl required complete Vet care for immunizations, testing, and was given pain medication, and supplements to help her arthritis. She was treated for infection and worms. She required hospitalization for surgery to remove the large tumor and we all waited patiently for the biopsy results. Pretty has a true smile on her face ALL THE TIME. Even just post operative, with a huge incision staples on her leg, and obvious pain, she greeted everyone with love and boxer wiggles. When the results came back that the doctor got all of the cancer, we were overjoyed! She now has a second chance at life, and she is enjoying every minute. Her attitude is contagious to those around her, and perhaps why she has made such a remarkable recovery and is doing so well. A different dog from the dog on a cement floor so close to death. Please consider donating towards the costs involved in saving this beautiful spirited dog.


Rambo & Shandra February 2008  $1287

Rambo & Shandra were found at a local shelter needing a lot of emergency care. They were so very sick. They each had pneumonia, lyses disease & heartworm. We are in great need of help towards their vet care. Each day they have improved, but, still need to undergo heartworm treatments & will require a hospital stay. Our vet bills to date do not include the upcoming treatments! Please help support these two sweethearts. Your donation to NJBR will help them move forward to living healthy, happy lives. By donating, you are insuring they get the care they need!


Noble February 2008  $2000

This beautiful 2 year old boxer boy is Noble. Unfortunately Noble has a sad story. Back in July of 07 Noble was hit by a car. Noble suffered a collapsed lung, which was fixed, but he also suffered severe nerve damage in his left front leg, referred to as “Brachial Plexus”. Brachial Plexus is a network of spinal nerves that control movement of the leg. Because of this injury Noble has a non functioning left front leg that needs to be amputated. Noble’s owner contacted us because she cannot afford the surgery.


Box February 2008  $1500

Box was surrendered to a shelter due to his owner being unable to provide him medical care for his tumor. Box was boarded at the animal hospital for two weeks. During that time, Box had an ultrasound, blood work and his tumor removed. Box’s cost of care was approximately $1500. Please help our rescue by donating towards Box’s treatment so NJBR can continue to help Box and other pups in need.


Lola February 2008  $2000

New Jersey Boxer Rescue ended 2007 and started 2008 with many mixed emotions. We ended 2007 with a 1 year old stray pregnant boxer who we named Lola. Everything was against this girl she was malnourished, positive for lymes disease, heart worm positive, and pregnant with puppies that were due any day! Care given to Lola and her pups: vaccinations for all, special food, heart worm & lymes testing, heart worm and lymes treatment, boarding, ultra sound, medication for a unary tract infection, and too many other things to list.


Tonka January 2008  $7000

Tonka came to New Jersey Boxer Rescue when a local city shelter contacted us on his behalf. NJBR was his last hope. Before meeting him we were emailed a video of so that we can see his condition. Tonka had been neglected which deformed his rear legs and he was severely emaciated. NJBR immediately took Tonka to orthopedic vets who examined his leg condition and diagnosed him with a condition called luxating patella’s. His case was very severe- “a 4 out of 4” the orthopedic vet told NJBR.Tonka needed surgery and rehab to both of his hind legs. Without surgery, we were told he would be dragging his legs behind him and in severe pain by age 5. Tonka made a miraculous recovery, and now walks and runs pain free!


Cain January 2008  $1900

Cain came to NJ Boxer rescue with chronic diarrhea, from owners no longer able to care for him. He is a VERY sweet, gentle 3 yr. old male Boxer, who has had this condition for years. Upon arriving to his foster home, it became immediately clear he was stooling blood, and very thin. He was taken to the local Vet for treatment, but also required a full work up and a hospitalization for intensive care at a large Specialty Center. He has had extensive studies, and is being treated for an unusual type of colitis with multiple medications and special diet. The Vets say it will take about eight weeks of these medications, follow up Vet visits, and close monitoring of his weight for him to get well, though expect improvement sooner. Because of his young age and beautiful spirit, NJ Boxer Rescue wants to help this dog in any way they possibly can. The Vets are hopeful he may be cured with his new medications specific for this type of colitis, and get well for good. Please help by giving Cain that chance to be a healthy dog.

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Meesha October 2007  $1050

Meesha came to NJ Boxer Rescue via an inter-city shelter on 9/1/2007. She is a 6 month old puppy, one of the youngest and anticipated one of the most costly rescues. Meesha has a deformity of her right elbow and only 5 days after rescue was taken to the University of Pennsylvania’s orthopedic department for a complete orthopedic evaluation. It was determined at that first visit that Meesha had sustained a Salter Harris1 fracture of the right distal ulna and radius (i.e. a fracture of the growth plates near the wrist). Her right foot was deviating outward at the wrist. Meesha has been adopted by a wonderful family. Because of our commitment to our rescued dogs, NJ Boxer Rescue will incur all costs for Meesha’s angular deformity, even though she’s been adopted, no matter how expensive.


Baxter June 2007  $500

Baxter spent months at a municipal shelter before he came into rescue. He has been living with a foster family waiting patiently for his much deserved forever home. This incredibly sweet, gentle and smart boy woke up one morning unable to walk. He was brought to the vet and then a neurologist for an emergency consultation where he was diagnosed with an infarction, which affects the use of his right leg and his ability to walk. Baxter will need medication, rest, a great deal of tender loving care and follow up with a specialist. Although we are hopeful about his recovery, his rehabilitation will be long term and we anticipate expenses for his follow up care.


Emmit April 2007  $700

When Emmit came to NJBR we discovered a suspicious lump on his side. Upon further examination and a biopsy, the lump was found to be a form of cancer. Once he recovered from the biopsy, it was necessary to conduct blood work, and an ultrasound and x-rays were performed to determine if the cancer had not spread. These tests confirmed that the cancer was contained exclusively to the lump on his side, and surgery was then performed to remove the lump in its entirety. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early, and we treated it aggressively, and Emmit now has a clean bill of health.


Honey March 2007  $525

Honey spent many months at a municipal shelter before coming into rescue. At the shelter Honey was in a terrible fight with another dog. She had several open wounds and puncture marks on her body. The worst injury was to her head and she had to have a drain temporarily put in as well as stitches. Honey is now in her foster home waiting for her forever home.


Sam February 2007  $600

Sam came to NJBR after having been rejected by 7 homes. At 2 years of age, Sam had grown to become a big, powerful, boxer who was never taught boundaries or limitations and as a result, he was passed on from home to home because nobody could control him. NJBR volunteers saw the potential that he had and we refused to turn our backs on him. Thanks to the support of our donors, we invested in Sam’s future by enrolling him in an obedience course at K-9 Basics that converted him from the out of control (and difficult if not impossible to adopt) dog that he came to us as, to a well mannered, fun loving boxer. Had Sam been surrendered to a shelter and exhibited his former behavior in the shelter, in all probability he would never have been adopted.


Penny February 2007  $950

Penny came to NJ Boxer Rescue as a stray via a shelter. Until that time she was used as a money making machine, producing liter after liter of puppies and probably tossed aside when she became sick. NJ Boxer Rescue has incurred the cost of vaccinations, heartworm treatment resulting in medication, radiation-like treatment and 2 nights at the vet. In February NJ Boxer Rescue incurred the cost of spaying Penny and the removal of 4 mammary tumors including stitches, staples and staple removal along with one overnight and two day stay at the vets.


Pup Pup February 2007  $3000

It has been almost a month since Puppers’-“Pup-pup” little accident and she is doing GREAT!!!!! Even with the bulky cast on her leg, she is still as lively and loving as ever. She acts as if she was not even hurt. I have to tell you she is just an amazing dog. She does great with the cats and kids and just everyone. She goes back the vet next week to get X-rays. Hopefully the bones are healing nicely and the pins can start being removed. She still has her boxer wiggle and will jump up on the bed every night. And of course she is still trying to box even though she has a “club” instead of her usual paw.


Maggie January 2007  $700

I am Maggie, a wonderful girl who has had some life long allergies. I am appealing to you for sponsorship as my veterinary costs are astounding. I am 7 years old and was surrendered to New Jersey Boxer Rescue, a 501 C non-profit organization composed of a volunteer staff. I have been to a dermatologist for my skin afflictions and am slowly getting better. This organization has spent over $700.00 on my care and my adoption fee is only $300.00. Obviously, dogs like me need sponsors like you so that this organization can keep going and saving other dogs. Anything helps, whether is is $5.00, $10.00, whatever your pocket can spare and your heart is willing to give. I have attached a couple of photos so that you can see what a beautiful girl I am and hopefully find a willingness to help. I have to return to the dermatologist so my expense is still counting.

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Leya November 2006  $725

Leya came into rescue in the end of 2006, despite our best efforts, we were unable to help her through her struggle. Unfortunately she passed away, but at least she is no longer in pain.


Cylis November 2006  $1500

This handsome boy was surrendered to the rescue with a broken jaw due to unforeseen circumstances, He had to have surgery immediately to wire his jaw back together.


Tiger November 2006  $1252

Before Tiger came to us, he spent his days in a basement, tied to a poll, he got to go out a few times a day into the backyard and then back to the poll. Obviously after years of living without socialization, his social skills are lacking. Tiger has some issues with trust (to our surprise he is great with dogs). After an initial evaluation by a trainer we decided to invest in Tiger’s future and pay for some training. His foster parents are bringing him through a training program and will pass down what they have learned to his new adoptive home. Until he finishes his training he will not be available for adoption. In addition to $337 we have spent on his training program, the rescue program invested $915 on vet care for him. Tiger came into rescue with a stage 2 mass cell tumor on his left hind hip the size of a golf ball. It was removed and his prognosis is good.


Tango November 2006  $660

Poor Tango after enduring over a month in a kennel, Tango finally made it into a loving foster home. Unfortunately Tango go a little excited about a deer walking by and injured his leg pretty badly.. His emergency vet bill was over $400 and we are still diagnosing his condition but think he will be ok.


Chuck August 2006  $1100

Chuck came to us from Georgia. After seeing these pictures of how he lived (chained and outside 24/7), and the fact that he was recently attacked by a stray rottweiler, in addition to being heartworm positive, and in need of a rescue to provide veterinary care, how could we not take him into our program. As of today his heartworm is being treated his eyes have healed nicely and after almost a month of being kenneled, Chuck is now adopted and living happily INSIDE in a loving home.


Stewie August 2006  $400

Poor Stewie, he spent many many months in a shelter, he finally made it into rescue and into his loving foster home.. wow what a relief…to not LIVE IN A CAGE and have a quiet place to sleep at night and some love and attention. Unfortunately after visiting our vet we learned Stewie was heartworm positive.. after a long hot summer in a shelter, he may have been bitten one too many times by mosquitoes, and of course while in the shelter he was not on heartworm preventative. Don’t worry we are taking care of our boy and will get him over this little set back.. Stewie waits patiently for his new forever home.


Zeus July 2006  $800

Zeus was in a terrible dog fight. He had to have surgery to remove one of his eyes so he could heal properly. His is doing fine right now in a loving forever home.


Lucy July 2006  $600

Lucy was found (along with Spanky) out in the woods behind a very nice person’s (now a volunteer (-: ) home. After her rescue by NJBR, we realized she had a heartmurmer, a cardio ultrasound ($300, showed no serious heart damage) and hives that would just not go away… after several antihistamines, and steroid treatments, and then a $300 skin graph, it was diagnosed as dermatitis and we put her on antibiotics. She is doing great.


Duke June 2006  $1200

Duke came into rescue in need of perianal hernia surgery. This is a serious type of hernia which enables a dog to urinate and causes rapidly enlarging swelling right next to the anus if the urinary bladder becomes trapped in the hernia.. which was the case with poor Duke. Duke also had prostate and bowel disease.. two diseases more common in un-neutered dogs. Another reason to Neuter and Spay! To make matters worse Duke suffered like this for quite some time before coming to us. After a consultation with UPenn Veterinary Hospital, NJBR decided to operate. Unfortunately when the vet opened Duke up in surgery they found that he was full of cystic masses (an unknown before surgery), the masses kept bleeding. Even after a blood transfusion, Duke had lost too much blood, NJBR lost our beloved Duke. The only peace we have now is to know he is no longer living in pain.


Hailey June 2006  $600

Hailey has an on-going skin irritation. We have tried many different tests, and medicines but so far nothing seems to help. Just this week Hailey visited a new vet who recommended a dermatologist. NJBR will be sending our sweet Hailey to a dermatologist next week and hopefully we will get her properly diagnosed before she goes off to her new home.


Spike April 2006  $500

Spike came to us with a known heart condition… we just did not know how serious. Shortly after Spike was placed in his foster home he had to be rushed to an emergency vet where he passed away with what was believe to be a pulmonary embolism that caused heart failure.


Pudgey April 2006  $2000

A 10 year old boxer came to us and could barely walk, he had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the spine, and prostates (due to not being neutered all these years, and we recently had him neutered and removed a huge mass cell tumor, and after all this he has come down with two corneal ulcers on his eyes. We continued to keep Pudgey comfortable in his loving foster home, but unfortunately he passed away.


Gus April 2006  $800

Gus was found roaming the streets in the heat wave. Once we brought Gus into rescue we realized something was wrong he was not processing his urine.. and was having many accidents. We had him tested and found out that he has diabetes. We are continuing to adjust his medications, which unfortunately are not working at the current dosage. We will keep you updated on Gus and will continue to do whatever possible to keep him comfortable and hopefully cure him or at least figure out his ongoing medical needs.


KO & Beta March 2006  $1100

These two cuties had to have a lot of Dental work, removal of several tumors – all removed – all Benign!


Bones February 2006  $2500

Hospital Care for over three weeks. Needed for severity of the situation. several types of antibiotics and nutritional supplements, also treatment of kennel cough. Happy to report he is now on his way to recovery!


Ty February 2006  $2000

Ty digested a toy, it had to be surgically removed from his small intestine.


Karma February 2006  $2200

Two surgeries to address some malignant mammary cancer cells (low level thank god ), (equivalent to breast cancer in humans) Now she is cancer free, very clear margins.


Kia February 2006  $1500

Kia had to have her tail amputated due to a serious infection. She is doing great now though.

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Exxon August 2005  $500

Exxon was living outside (24/7) before he was surrendered into rescue. Once in rescue we neutered him, updated all of his vaccinations and gave him a heartworm test. Unfortunately his heartworm test came back positive. We found Exxon a wonderful foster home and started his heartworm treatments immediately. Thankfully the damage to his heart was not beyond repair and within a couple of months of treatment he was well. He now lives happily as an inside dog in his adoptive home.


Raquel January 2005  $860

Raquel was obviously exploited by someone who was only interested in her puppies. After giving birth Raquel was dumped. A family found her and called rescue. When she was rescued, the milk from her last litter was still drying up, and her nipples were as big my thumb! We also quickly learned that she was heartworm positive. Her spay, heartworm treatment, and additional misc veterinary needs exceeded $800. Raquel now resides with her loving family and is in good health.


Nozzie January 2005  $1200

When Nozzie came into rescue he had nine cancerous tumors up and down his back. NJBR had all of the tumors surgically removed and biopsied and found him a wonderful home. His adoptive mom knew that what ever time she had with him would be a blessing. It broke our hearts to put him through surgery but he recovered fine and lived another TWO happy years in his new home. His mom misses him dearly but feels fortunate to have been able to give him a wonderful end to his life.

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Brother & Cookie June 2004  $1700

Brother and Cookie are brother and sister, both dogs were surrendered by their elderly owner, who became terminally ill and could not care for them any longer. Unfortunately while in our foster home Cookie was struck by a car. Brother and Cookie were fostered in NYC. Because Cookie was a country girl and not accustomed to city noises she became startled by something while on a leash and bolted out into the street. Thank goodness she was not badly hurt. Regardless she was brought into the vet for an emergency visit and a series of tests and an over night stay. At the end she was treated with for minor injuries and sent back to her foster. Unfortunately this incident cost the rescue $1700 in emergency vet care but the good news is that Cookie was ok and has since been adopted along with her brother “Brother”, to the same family who loves them both very much.


Apollo April 2004  $1025

Apollo is an 8 year old boxer whose owners surrendered him to a local shelter. Unfortunately aside from the typical trauma a boxer faces when losing his only home and ending up in a shelter something horrible happened. The shelter neutered him and then returned him to his kennel run, over the next few days he developed a painful abscess in his lower area. The abscess became and developed into a horrible infection. By the time Apollo came to us he was in terrible pain and needed another surgery. The boy had to be reopened and treated. After a lot of pain and a long healing process Apollo was adopted and went on to live a happy life in his new home. Unfortunately he passed away in 2006 but he passed in the arms of his loving family and not in a shelter.