Why does NJBR charge a $350 adoption fee for all dogs: old, young, sick or healthy?

NJBR is a not for profit, 501C3, all individuals who perform rescue services for NJBR, do so on a volunteer basis. There are no monies paid for salaries. 100% of the monies raised by fundraisers and by adoption fees go into a pool of money that is used to help All of the Rescue Dogs. Below is a list of some vet services and approx costs, that if needed must be performed by a vet in order for the dog to be adoptable:

spay / neuter – $100
shots – $50
removal of tumors – and misc. surgeries including infections – $400 – $1500 .. or more
treatment of kennel cough – $200 – $600
treatment of heartworm – $400 – $1,000
dental work – $200 – $1,000
treatment of lyme disease – $200 and up
In addition to the above costs , (that may or may not apply to the dog you are adopting , but do apply to at least 60%), there are many other costs. In most cases we must board the boxer until a suitable home is found, the cost of boarding can run from $10 up to $25 a day. We also spend money on grooming , collars, tags etc.

So please consider, if you buy a puppy through the paper or a pet store and pay $500 – $1,000 which is just the start, our fee of $350 is a bargain and you are supporting the health and quality of life of many boxers. Also consider (in most cases) that if you choose to pay that $500 – $1,000 , you are supporting the individuals that create the need for a boxer rescue in the first place.

What is my obligation in regards to surrendering my dog?

NJBR’s policy is never to turn away a Boxer from our program unless they are un-adoptable due to aggression. If you feel that for whatever reason you can no longer keep your dog there are several things that you can do to help. Time is critical, please do not wait until the day before you must surrender to contact us. Ideally give us at least 2 weeks before the need to surrender by date. This allows us to have the time to arrange a move from your home, into a foster home, kennel, daycare or in some cases directly into a new home.

It allows us time to obtain all vet records and any other necessary background information. It is helpful if you have your dog up to date on shots before surrendering him. Your dog cannot go to a new home or boarding if they lack certain shots which many times can be obtained free at clinics run by your town. BE HONEST we will not turn your dog away if there is an existing medical problem. It is easier and most times cheaper if we know what is wrong with the dog up front. We suggest a donation of at least $100 for an owner surrender. If you can give more do so. If you can not give any at this time remember us when times get better for you.